Challenging a Decision

If you are unhappy with the decision made about your WorkCover claim by your employer or the WorkCover insurance company contact your union for a referral or Union Assist.

Union Assist will help with all the paperwork needed to get your dispute to conciliation.

Process for Challenging a decision

  • Dispute arises i.e. termination of entitlement; rejection of claim; or failure to respond
  • Request for Conciliation (RFC) completed and sent to Union Assist. Union Assist can help you complete the RFC if you have trouble with it. Union Assist will also obtain a referral from your union.
  • RFC lodged with ACCS (Accident Compensation Conciliation Service)
  • Once your matter has been allocated to a Conciliation Officer at ACCS a conference will be arranged. You, as well as Union Assist, will be notified of this date/time.
  • A Union Assist Advisor will contact you. We will outline the process of the conference, and set up a meeting with you on the day of the conference to discuss any outstanding issues regarding your dispute.

Additional resources

What types of outcomes are there from Conciliation?

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  • Conciliation Form

    You can simply print this form and fill it in with pen, or fill it out on a computer and then save or print it.